Men’s Heads Recommended as Italian Luxury Wedding Heads

Sutomantellashi is a brilliant 110-year-old tradition!

It is said that the entire production process will be carried out in Italy with the Italian luxury handmade brand +_+

The store is also a high-end brand in Shinsegae Gangnam / Lotte Avenue El head office / Lotte Avenue El World Tower store.

So it is a popular brand for men’s shoes!

+ 20% discount on all products when purchasing direct visit to offline stores

You have to have a wedding invitation to get a discount.

There are a variety of design products, but I chose the T600 Basic Oxford men’s shoes.

It is a basic line and it is one of the most popular products to wear as a daily.

My husband, who does not wear shoes in a normal time, also chose that this man’s shoes would be able to wear well in normal times.

There are black colors, but I chose dark brown to increase usability: D

(Those who buy for weddings these days prefer Dark Brown to Black.)

I’m so sick of it, you little Shaebeauso

I bought shoes in a regular size.

with the popular T600 Basic Oxford

I put my wedding shoes side by side. I mean, I’m actually more advanced than our wedding shoes.

This pretty combination. And there’s a thrill of throbbing, too. Hehe >_<

Let’s go to a good place on a good day – !

It’s all right where you are! It’s a perfect match!

We praise our men who digest them with rice cakes.

The Italian artisan who dreams 레플리카 of men once.

You’re good at marrying me, aren’t you?

It is a blue red window symbolizing the blood of the nobles in the Middle Ages.

Sutomantellash used a party or a method that only luxury brands and luxury shoes can show:)

I’ll go to the details: D

It’s very basic, but it’s simple. The sidelines were slim and it was so nice!

The luxurious Italian shoes. I don’t have any details, but I’m sure it’s really different to see this luxury.

Sutomantellasi, the artisan has done his dyeing.

What is this color … pretty and pretty (million times)

You should be comfortable with men.

Especially when it’s used as an important wedding pitch.

The day all the cells in my body were nervous. How hard it would be if I felt uncomfortable to my feet?

He’s really comfortable. I realized this is why I have to wear shoes.

You are sticking to sneakers because you are uncomfortable with general shoes ~ I reflect on it.

Men have less points to give, right?

That’s the best way to go with Oxford shoes! Why do you recommend men’s wedding shoes?

authentic Italian dress shoes with ‘Asian pit’ last optimized for Asian foot shape

Light weekend dates and clicks: )

When I looked down, I thought it was pretty, and I like it!

We are currently conducting a review event in Sutomantellashi!

If you leave a review, you can get another shoe +_+

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