I like the song that flows out

It’s been a long time since I’ve been free, self-help!

It was the day when Yoon made the weekday annual

He told me to come and play because I’m giving him free time first,

Yeah?! Free time?!

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been so tired

I would like to express my gratitude to Yoon, who gave me free time

Call Nemo!

I promised to have a meeting after work

think about where to go

I’d like to enjoy the atmosphere after a long time

I was going to the attic of the Euljiro Wineba Hwistory

I’ve been cut off

The weather is so smooth

The sky is so cool

I’m just saying, “I feel like a joke.”

I walked with Nemo and I arrived at Euljiro 3rd Street,

Euljiro Wineba Hussori Attic Room is Euljiro 3-ga Station

It’s about three minutes’ walk from exit 11-12,

The street is not far away, but it’s located in an alley

I’m a little confused about your way to visit, so if you visit for the first time, please check the map and visit,

I’m going to be in the attic of the Uljiro Wineba HISTORY

Not the first visit

I didn’t take the map

I’ve been visiting for a long time, and I’ve been a little bit lost.

I was as bright as my long eyes

Euljiro’s alleys are a lot like that, so he’s confused,

I found the sign of the story, and I found the move on the third floor,

as we climbed the stairs

I was surprised that the teddy bear was hanging over the railing,

My heart is sore,

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

You open the door, you come in

I can see the interior of the interior, full of vintage props,

chandeliers, lights, wine, wine glasses,

a whole bunch of sensual, pretty stuff


Nimodo, the first visit to the attic of the Hee Story

Did you like it?

I don’t usually get the inside photos

He took a hard inside picture,
The interior is not very wide

When you come alone or on a date, you have a bar where you can sit side by side and tilt a glass of wine

I’m not gonna be able to get into a small group

Good, we have a table for 4 people and 6 people

We’re here after work, without dinner

The tables and the tables are already full of guests,
I was sitting on the dazzi seat on my first visit

I wanted to take a seat at the table this time


There’s only one table left

I was right in place,

I’m sitting here

the colorful glass and chandelier lighting

I mean, you know,

I was probably interested in lighting, so I kept looking,

I’ll be sure to set it up in my house someday

at table

The vintage plate and glass are set neatly,

The plates are all different in design

and he had fun watching

Euljiro Wineba Hussori attic

There are some good menus for wine pants and meals

You should visit the first, not the second

It’s good for cooking and wine,

We’re going to have a variety of cheeses

I ordered pork bread and fried bread for a meal,

The menus I ordered on my first visit were delicious

I ordered the same menus without any trouble,

Wine is prepared in various ways by country, white, red, and sparkling

Beer, cocktail, handy-lix gin,

We choose white wine to reflect Nemo’s taste

I ordered wine with the recommendation of the staff,

with a beautiful white wine glass

El Howard Rigerba Sauvignon Blanc,
El Howard Rigerba Sauvignon Blanc is a Chilean wine

Body is moderate, sugar content is low,

serve the wine glass and the wine bottle

You’ve prepared me an ice basket

coldly chilled

Fruit, citrus, and it smells good

It’s also good for a dinner party!

A little wine, Nemo

It’s a perfect taste shooter

sipping without a snack

A glass of wine, and in just ten minutes, it was sober

the cooking menu is not ordered separately

Cracker & cream cheese, which is the basic ingredient when you order wine,

I’m eating a salty cracker with cream cheese

It’s nothing, but it’s really good,

I’m gonna have a glass of wine with a basic snack.

I’m sipping a glass of wine

The attic cheese trip,
Wood trays are made of capresse, olives, chocolate and various cheeses

It’s beautifully plaited,

sausage-shaped Goddard cheese

It tastes like a smoky sausage,

The capresse with basil pesto and apples in the bell tomatoes

It’s sour, so it makes your appetite better

The ring candy that caught my eye among the cheeses,

and it was a flash of LEDs,

I saw you with Nemo

My son will love it!

I’m also getting tangerine jams and basil pesto

It’s delicious to eat with only basil pesto on crackers

or I’m not gonna let you know

Cracker + Cream cheese + Tasteful with tangerine jam combination

Olive is served in a vintage bowl

The bowl was the Wedgewood line I usually wanted

Oh, actually it’s even prettier, I’ll have to buy a plate soon

pork bread and fried bread silver

It’s called Gatsusando,


Strawberry jam comes out with crunchy salad and bread tables

with the Gatsando to make it easier

Ginger pickles, wasabi and gatsusando sauces are also available

between soft bread

And Mount Gats, where the juice burst,

Soft pork cutlets are pork cutlets

The bread is really soft and delicious

Both of you have been

I was doing it like crazy

I’m just saying that we’re talking about stocks

And the menus that I ordered were gone

I want to be rich

Why are our stocks blue light?

Turn to sparkling redlights
I was talking to him

We’re hungry to eat

I ordered additional kimchi fried rice,

What is carbohydrate,

Well, carbohydrates are just truth,

If you sat at the bar, you could order cups

I don’t know if it’s still 셔츠룸 possible,

I’ll ask you next time I visit

I like the song that flows out

the atmosphere is good

The menus you ordered were all delicious

Euljiro Wineba Heistori attic,

You opened your second store, too

The second store is a little different from the Hee Story attic,

I was so curious to hear about the concept of what it was running,

Next time, we’ll visit the second store in Euljiro Wine Bar.

hip and ambivalent

If you’re looking for an Euljiro wine bar

Visit the Hee Story attic

You’ll be out of the vintage atmosphere and delicious menus!

I enjoyed it

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