You should pay attention to the possibility of a tax bomb.

Mr. A failed to buy products from overseas brands that are relatively low-priced, but there are many cases of high-priced luxury clothing and miscellaneous goods such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Maxmara. This is what happens when the online luxury market grows. According to a market research company called EuroMonitor on the 29th, it is estimated that South Korea’s online luxury goods market last year will be worth 1.595 trillion won. This figure is 10.9 percent year-on-year. Although the era of untact (non-face-to-face) has arrived in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), industry analysts say that the online luxury goods market is growing.

How to distinguish authenticity when buying luxury goods online
However, due to the nature of online 레플리카 transactions that cannot be purchased by looking at products with their own eyes, it is necessary to check and buy fake products more carefully when purchasing luxury goods. Trenby, an online luxury shopping platform, advised, “When purchasing luxury goods online, it is desirable to check ▶ whether they are products ▶ whether they are products or not ▶ whether they are cheap or not ▶ whether they are tariffs or exchange rates in advance.”

There are three main ways to determine whether a company handles genuine products. First of all, it is to check if the luxury goods vendor is an official company that has a business registration number. Lee Jong-hyun, vice president of Trenby, said, “The business registration number is listed at the bottom of the website of online sites or platforms not only in Korea but also abroad.” In case of overseas sites, there are also many sites that can determine whether they are illegal by tracking IP. Italian luxury goods were posted on the site, but if the IP is from China, it is necessary to suspect it if the price is too low.

It is also good to see if there is a compensation policy for fake goods. Official vendors often have compensation policies. In Korea, as the online luxury market grows, the company is operating a 200% compensation system for the distribution of fake goods.” If it is an overseas shopping mall, it is also a way to inquire about compensation policies. It is also a criterion to determine whether the inspection procedure for genuine products is operated on its own.

Brexit fallout in the UK…It could be a tax bomb.
The main purpose of online luxury goods purchases abroad is to find products that can be bought at a cheaper price compared to Korea or that are difficult to obtain in Korea. Trenby explains that rational shopping is possible by utilizing local price information and various global sales benefits around the world. For example, U.S. shopping sites may be advantageous for the “Black Friday” season, which is a year-end stock market, and European sites such as Britain, which became common during the “Boxing Day” shopping season before and after Christmas.
However, even if it is the same luxury goods, domestic sales prices may be cheaper depending on the fact that there are many specific products in stock or the sale is applied. “As more and more online luxury platforms are available at home and abroad, price comparisons have become more important,” said Lee Jong-hyun, vice president of Trenby. “It is also important to find a shopping platform with artificial intelligence (AI) technology or a wide brand partnership network.”

Capture of ‘Trenby’ application (app) of South Korea’s online luxury shopping platform.
If you have found the lowest-priced product, you must also calculate the government value and the exchange rate. If the government tax is added, it will sometimes become more expensive than buying in Korea. In particular, if the country of origin is European Union (EU) products as Brexit takes effect from January 1 this year, free trade agreements (FTA) will not be applied when goods depart from the UK. If the final price does not include government-related taxes, it should be noted that it could be hit by a tax bomb in the future.

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